Chef and artist all at once

Andy Gaskin is not a cook, not even a chef…
Simply put, he is a hyperactive artist with food as his medium and cooking as his chief technique.

He describes his own style of cooking as innovative, light and inspired by the Mediterranean, with continued appreciation for the locally available products.

His experience of working in kitchens around the world has made him an uncompromising connoisseur of the latest in the business and helped him in using top-quality tools, appliances and ingredients.

The four main elements of his culinary art: Tasty, Original, Emotional, Humorous.

Le Meridien Global Creative Challenge Asia winner
Highest new entry no. 64 in the Top 100 Best Chefs Awards 2017
Gold Top 300 chefs list
Global Foodart 2017 Runner up

Our menu at Wine Vault Restaurant

Cooking with the stars

In his 35-year-long career Andy Gaskin (UK) has travelled nearly the entire world, worked with world renowned chefs in famous restaurants and prepared dinners for many a celebrity, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England at CHOGM in Malta.

He has worked for the Starwood hotel chain as the head chef at their hotels in Malta and locations across Africa, China, Thailand and Sardinia, as well as on the exotic Pacific island of Bora Bora. Furthermore, Gaskin has worked with the Michelin-star chefs Michel Rostang and Fulvio Pierangelini, and was stagiere in the teams of numerous Michelin-star restaurants, in Rome (one star), Monte Carlo and Paris (two stars), and Bray (three stars) in UK with the famous Heston Blumenthal.

Andy Gaskin has won two silver medals at the ScotHot World Culinary Grand Prix (Cold and Hot Kitchen), and has a number of trophies and medals from the days he competed in Salon Culinaires across Europe.

The places where I cooked


Sicily / Italy


Tianjin & Henan

Bora Bora

United Kingdom


Porto Cervo
Sardinia / Italy



Port Gentil


Monte Carlo



One could hardly say Gaskin is a chef, even though he has spent his entire life in various kitchens. Born in London in 1962, he says he is of a “good vintage”. One would most likely say he is one of those urban nomads who, even if they are not moving around every few years and spending half their life on planes, travel virtually.

His journey from the bustling city of London to the Adriatic town of Rovinj, Croatia on the Istrian coastline has had numerous stops along the way including amongst many… Malta, Porto Cervo, Rome, Paris, Monte Carlo, Sicily, Africa, Thailand, China and the exotic Pacific island of Bora Bora.

I had a strong desire to depart, moved by a curiosity to travel and was blessed with the chance to discover and collect new ideas, recipes and memories along the way.


In the years he has been inspired by Professor Hubert from his culinary school, who taught him the basics, Marco Pierre White, whose dedication to top quality and perfection he immensely appreciates and Heston Blumenthal, with his creativity and constant re-examination of all the culinary aspects.

My biggest sources of inspiration for my work has to be those closest to me, who have driven me through their love to achieve the position I hold now, and supported me 100 percent in everything I have chosen to do and also inspired me on my outlook in life to have such an infectious positive attitude to every challenge that lays before me.


The secret to our success though will be that every establishment will have a story to tell about the people behind it, which we merely recount everyday. The chefs, craftsmen who provide our artwork and canvas, the farmers and fishermen who provide us with the patchwork and tools to produce award winning cuisine all wrapped up in the extensive international experience.

While younger chefs are still discovering the wonders of the kitchen, Gaskin views such resources, and places without too much emotions, but uses them to create gourmet experiences. Organized like an army general, with precise and detailed plans, he pushes boundaries.

We wow our guests, we spoil them and entertain them and, if necessary, shock them a bit.

“I have this desire to keep improving, so i find fault”

Heston Blumenthal